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Europa, Oxalà – Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa

9 May | 8 h 00 min 17 h 00 min CEST

In Europe, from the 1960s onwards, the flow of populations with a colonial experience – retornados, pieds-noirs, repatriates, Africans, North Africans, Asians, Caribbeans – carried with them a fabric of mystery, novelty, exoticism, escape, migration and scattered memories. Their presence attested to the passage from Europe as a colonizing continent to a post-colonial Europe. Today, the children and grandchildren of the generations that lived through the processes of decolonization, as well as many non-Western citizens living in the West, are asking themselves questions from a new perspective of enunciation. One of these questions concerns the hybrid place in which they live, that of the non-white European, the Eastern European, the Latin American European.