Valérie Ka and the jury of the Collection Leridon (Matthias Leridon, Patricia Moulin, Gervanne Leridon, Emo de Medeiros, Touria El Glaoui, Azubuike Nwagbogu and Garance Leridon)

For years the Collection Leridon has been interested in design in all its forms. Today it opens a new section entirely devoted to fashion. The Collection Leridon got involved with Valérie Ka and the Africa Fashion Up and brought into the collection 9 creations by African designers.

To do so, the Collection Leridon was surrounded by an international jury composed of Azubuike Nwagobgu, Touria El Glaoui, Floriane de Saint Pierre, Patricia Moulin and Emo de Medeiros.

The five laureates of AFUP 2022 : Ibrahim Fernandez, Mina Binebine, Jacques Bam, Edi Patrick Muyishime and Jean Cedric Sow

Africa Fashion Up 2022 invites young African talents to present their creations. Thanks to a specialized committee, five winners were selected and a prestigious jury chose the Young Creator AFUP 2022 : Jacques BAM (South Africa).

The Collection Leridon supports young artists from the continent through grants, commissions and creative support. The Collection Leridon was very happy to support on Sept. 16th young African designers who demonstrate how fashion is an act of creation in its own right that opens new paths of aesthetic and militant emotions.