At Gallery Maia Muller from 09.05.2020 to 10.24.2020

The Maia Muller Gallery opened its doors on September 5, 2020 to contemporary artist Hassan Musa and his series “I love you”. Gervanne and Matthias Leridon are pleased to support this major exhibition of the artist through the loan of the work “I love you with my AK47 (black woman)” from their Collection.

Hassan Musa, I love you with my AKA 47 (Femme noire), 2019, oil on canvas assembled on wood, 90 x 121 cm ©Hassan Musa, courtesy Collection Gervanne et Matthias Leridon

Hassan Musa is a creator of images with multiple references: European painting, Arabic calligraphy or Chinese watercolor. His paintings and inks on textiles are the hybrid result of a reappropriation of the iconography of several cultural heritages. Aware of the omnipresence of images in our societies and the violence they convey, the artist diverts them in order to exploit their own violence as a means of defense. His critical view of Western art, politics and culture serves a logic of transmission: Musa gives back to the world its own images. The artist immerses you in the history of the world and the arts in order to bring together in his works past and recent elements, each thoughtfully thought out and thoughtfully positioned on the canvas.

Through this exhibition, Hassan Musa awakens our imagination. Go on a journey by visiting this new personal exhibition “I LOVE YOU” at the Maia Muller Gallery.

Maia Muller Gallery
19 rue Chapon
75003 PARIS